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Human Rights

A fundamentalist preacher cannot get shipped out of the UK to Jordan, and the man on the street thinks this is indicative of the advent of Human Rights gone barmy. Unfortunately, this is wholly misleading. The real issue of human rights is in the ordinary man’s own back yard.

We assume we live in a civilised society where there is justice, the rule of law, fairness and respect for all creeds. My experience is that this is often a pure illusion.

I will be more specific. In our work at “The legal Company”, on a daily basis we witness the most basic abuses of any notion of human rights. We hear of police officers arresting innocent, law abiding citizens at a whim. We act for good mothers wrongfully deprived of ever looking after their own children. We speak to those with mental illness who are chucked on the heap marked “useless.” It is truly appalling and on a grand scale.

The extent and gravity of this malaise should not be under-estimated. In every borough, county and town, there are serious, unacceptable injustices. Children in care whose parents are innocent and distraught; Defendants with no voice; those with minority skins picked on out of pure racist spite; planners destroying peoples’ lives with their pompous indifference.

This is the human rights I know and see. Where the establishment with power, money and influence squeeze the pips out of those with less than they have. The only semblance of equitable remedies, Judicial Review at risk of being cut back. Court fees prohibitively expensive.

But what makes it worse is that the ordinary chap can be left without a legal remedy. He acts in person and he is treated as an imposter. He seeks legal help and he is definitely sapped dry. It appears to be a - no win.

That is why The Legal Company was founded – in order to give the ordinary guy a remedy – a voice. That is at a minimum, his or her Human Right.

The people I talk of are not alleged terrorists; just ordinary folk like me, with limited means and a good cause but with nowhere to be heard without the funds to pay for their voice. It is an utter disgrace. Human Wrongs.

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