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Threatened Changes To Judicial Review

The threatened changes to Judicial Review are a real threat to personal freedom. The remedy of Judicial Review in the high Court is designed as a means of individual citizens keeping a check on the activities of those public bodies carrying out a public function. It is a wonderfully effective remedy, given trhe right circumstances. It governs and controls actions which are either perverse, wholly unreasonable, ultra vires or illegal.

Your Maternity Rights

Firstly, a woman cannot be dismissed for being pregnant or having children. If an employer terminates your employment contract in these circumstances, then you have the right to take your employer to a tribunal for an unfair dismissal hearing.

What is Breach of Contract?

Breach of contract basically means that one or more of the terms and conditions laid out in a contract has been broken. Breaching a contract may lead to the contract breaking down completely and can easily lead to legal action and claims for damages in a law court.

Common Breaches of Contract

What is Defamation?

You believe that you have been “defamed”. Defamation can either be “Slander” if it is the spoken word, or “libel” if it is the written word. The term “defamation” covers both.

But what is “DEFAMATION?”

Words will be defamatory if they tend to lower the offended party in the eyes of right thinking members of society generally and/or the words cause you to be shunned or avoided or the words expose you to hatred, contempt or ridicule

What is a Company Dispute?

The Limited Company is a separate legal; entity. Shareholders own the Company whilst the Directors make the day to day management decisions. Even minority shareholders are protected by the law. The primary objective is "the interests of the Company".

Human Rights

A fundamentalist preacher cannot get shipped out of the UK to Jordan, and the man on the street thinks this is indicative of the advent of Human Rights gone barmy. Unfortunately, this is wholly misleading. The real issue of human rights is in the ordinary man’s own back yard.

We assume we live in a civilised society where there is justice, the rule of law, fairness and respect for all creeds. My experience is that this is often a pure illusion.

Your Redundancy Rights

Redundancy is a form of dismissal from your job, caused by your employer needing to reduce the workforce.

Reasons could include:

  • new technology or a new system has made your job unnecessary
  • the job you were hired for no longer exists
  • the need to cut costs means staff numbers must be reduced
  • the business is closing down or moving

If your employer is making less than 20 employees redundant in one establishment it is an individual consultation.

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