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About Us

THE LEGAL COMPANY is a nationwide legal services Company with over 25 years' experience in the legal profession. We act as legal advisers only, but we have direct access to a nationwide panel of solicitors and barristers. We believe in justice for all,wherever possible, regardless of any financial constraints.We are on your side, and on the side of true justice.

Due to the severe cutbacks in public funding, and the dramatic rise in legal costs and hourly rates, our Managing Director, a former solicitor, became concerned that high-quality legal representation was no longer available to everyone. We devised a solution which ensures that decent, law-abiding people can have real access to the best possible legal advice, without incurring substantial legal costs.

What we do for you

We can provide access to expert legal advice for everyone with a good case. Whether you are the Claimant or the Defendant, we provide a bespoke service, designed to ensure that we put you in touch with an expert Legal team, without the risk of incurring huge legal costs.

The first step is for us to listen to you. We make an initial FREE ASSESSMENT of your case as quickly as possible. If it appears that your case has genuine merit, we will tell you. But if it is going nowhere, we also won’t mince our words.There is no point in you pursuing a lost cause.

If your case has a genuine prospect of success, we can be willing to arrange a more detailed assessment by an independent practising barrister, expert in that particular field of law. The barrister will advise The Legal Company whether the case has good prospects, and whether it is possible to enter into a no win – no fee arrangement, coupled , hopefully, with legal expenses insurance.The only fee payable to us by you for this process is a modest fee agreed in advance.

We can also try to arrange After the event insurance, so that you will have no actual legal costs to pay to your opponent, were you to ever lose your case.

You would then have your own legal team working on a no win/no fee, and you would be insured against paying your opponent’s costs too.

We give you access to law, without the unknown.

Why choose The Legal Company?

Put simply, if you have a decent case, we can try and find you first rate legal representation. You will have a no win , no fee arrangement with your own legal team and you will be insured against losing.

We are always honest with you. If you provide us with details of a case that we do not believe that you are likely to win, we will tell you exactly that. We won't waste your time and money by encouraging you to pursue a case that is destined to fail. We say it "as it is."

We are only interested in helping you win your case.

We have access to a nationwide panel of some of the finest lawyers in the country, including solicitors, barristers and QCs, all of whom are experienced in their particular fields of expertise. We are not solicitors (though our MD was a practicing solicitor for over 25 years) but have substantial experience in the legal profession and have access to the finest lawyers to whom we will refer you. We are in a position to provide for you a reliable FREE INITIAL ASSESSMENT.

We aim to be communicative with our clients. We can be contacted at all times by (at various times) telephone, email, fax or post, and we offer 24/7 support for all our clients. We understand that being involved in any legal proceedings can be a stressful and difficult time, and our team is on-hand to make the process as straightforward as possible.

You are entitled to Justice and we aim to make the route much simpler and infinitely more affordable for you.

The Legal Company
3rd Floor
55 Old Broad Street
(By Appointment Only)

The Legal Company
Hilton Regus Express
Outwood Lane
M90 4WP