Which Court you appeal to depends upon where your original hearing was, and before whom.

  • If your hearing was before a District Judge in the County Court, your Appeal will generally be to a Circuit Judge in the County Court.
  • If the decision was made by a Circuit Judge (other than a final decision in a multi-track claim) your Appeal is heard by a High Court Judge.
  • If the decision you are appealing was made by a Master or District Judge in a High court Claim, your Appeal is to a High Court Judge.
  • Your Appeal is to the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) if you are appealing a decision made by a Circuit Judge, Master or District Judge that was a Final Decision in a Multi-Track Claim. This is heard not at a local Court but only at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.
  • Similarly, if the decision was made by a High Court Judge, your Appeal is to the Royal Courts of Justice.

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