What Should I Do Next?

Be wary before embarking upon a Judicial Review Application without seeking proper legal advice. We have access to the very best legal experts. You cannot ignore the threat of legal costs which we aim to avoid.

Prior to commencing proceedings, you ideally need to send a Pre-Action Protocol Letter to your opponent. This is a Letter before Action. This has a specific format and should, as far as possible, be sent. This is designed to avoid litigation and unnecessary costs. If that does not work, you then apply both for Judicial Review and Permission for Judicial Review on the same standard form. We can help you. You need to be clear which decision it is that you are asking the Court to review.

Similarly, you have to be aware of the three month time limit for applying. Indeed, you are under a duty to apply as promptly as possible. The time period can be extended, but only in fairly exceptional circumstances. If your Application for Permission is granted, then you proceed to a proper hearing in due course. If your Application is, however, refused, then you can choose to renew that Application and that is done in open Court (as against merely on paper, as with the original Application.)

There are rights of Appeal too. But the contents of your original Application are fundamental, for obvious reasons. We can help you. The other side might well respond to your Application in writing and you may respond similarly to what they have to say. You can represent yourself but we recommend against this, as our experience is that litigants in person can often be at a real disadvantage as against those who are legally represented and conversant with the proper practice and the Law.

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