What Financial Orders can a Court make in connection with a divorce?

The Court has the jurisdiction to make Orders for Financial Remedies on the grant of a decree of divorce, nullity or judicial separation. The Family Practice Rules 2010 define “Financial Order” as including all or any of the following:-

  • An Avoidance of Disposition Order
  • An Order for Maintenance pending Suit;
  • An Order for Maintenance pending outcome of the proceedings;
  • An Order for Periodical payments or Lump sum provision both in respect of divorce and civil partnership;
  • Property Adjustment Order;
  • Variation Order;
  • A Pension-Sharing Order;
  • A Pension-Sharing Compensation Order

These Orders need some explanation and we are happy to discuss any of these remedies with you. When the Court makes an Order, it is perfectly possible for it to make a number of Orders at the same time, in a Final Order.

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