What do you do if premises are raided?

A raid on a brothel is similar to a raid on any other business premises. There has to be valid warrant issued by the Magistrates which you as the owner are entitled to inspect. It should be signed and dated. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act (known as PACE) covers police procedures both at the time of search and arrest.

Each case will always depend upon its own facts but it is worthwhile remembering the following, if you are the owner. Firstly, remember not to trust those who are searching. They are not there for your convenience or to make friends. They are there to find elements and evidence of criminal behaviour. Do not say anything that incriminates yourself and also be aware that in a case such as this, the investigating officer(s) will be keeping a keen eye on Proceeds of Crime. They will be looking for evidence of takings to eventually rely upon this information to strip you bare - but this time of cash.
Be polite, quiet, and seek legal advice before committing yourself to any course of action. Look at Code B of PACE which deals with the searching of premises and seizure of property. Before they take any property, ensure you check what they have taken and ensure that it is signed for.

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