If someone interested in the Estate wishes to prevent a grant of probate or Letters of Administration issuing, he can do so by entering a Caveat. The Caveat will be effective from the day after it is entered. The Caveat can be entered at any Probate Registry together with the Fee. A Caveat is effective for six months but can be extended for further periods of six months. The response to a CAVEAT is a WARNING. This is filed at the Registry and served upon the Caveator requiring the Caveator within 8 days of service to enter an Appearance. The customary reason for entering a Caveat is where there is some doubt as to whether the last Will is indeed the last valid Will. A Caveat can also be useful where a person interested in the Estate wants an opportunity of making representations as to who should take out the grant. Someone who has no real interest in the Estate should not enter a Caveat

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