Defending a misfeasance case

Misfeasance is a serious allegation brought by a Liquidator against a Director and the onus at all times rests with the Liquidator. Proving a case of misfeasance requires documentary and circumstantial evidence and questions of fact as well as law. In effect, the Director will have to be shown to have been party to what amounts to a dereliction of duty.

Here at The Legal Company we have extensive experience in defending Directors against claims of misfeasance. Our nationwide panel of lawyers includes many specialists in this particular area of law, and we can provide you with the best possible legal counsel if you find yourself in this position.

Whether you are a Claimant or a Defendant, a breach of fiduciary duty case can be an expensive and time-consuming affair. The Legal Company offers you a risk-free solution with no legal costs:

  • An initial assessment within two hours of your application
  • A barrister's opinion within a few days
  • Insurance cover for all legal costs within one month

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