Of course, the answer is YES. But the onus is upon you to establish your case. You must prove on the balance of probabilities that the solicitor or barrister was negligent. You have to establish that they haven’t served you well by providing the advice that you were reasonably entitled to receive. This is a matter of judgment in all the circumstances and does not necessarily presume perfection. It is the function of your solicitor to give advice on legal matters and to possess the skills expected of him. Those duties are contained within the retainer and the retainer should be set out in the Client Care letter which you should receive at the outset. That will define the work to be undertaken, by whom and at what cost. So far as the barrister is concerned, he either is instructed by your solicitor or nowadays directly by you. If direct, then you will have a client care letter/retainer from him, or if via a solicitor, then the barrister still owes you a duty of care

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